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I'm Learning CSS Here..

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Let me just get straight to the point here. This blog would be my journey learning about CSS. I haven't studied indepth yet about CSS. All I know right now is CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and it is function to add layers to your webpage so that it will look more nicer than just plain simple HTML format. This blog page has some CSS coding imbeded to it and I'll dig it out piece by pieces and document it here. This way, I learn much faster by doing instead of reading.

I am sick and tired of reading stuff on the internet. It became a habit to read long hours when you're hook on the internet. I want to change that by changing my actions. I know that the 'law of the universe' says "what you focus, expands". So, I will not 'try' but I will 'do'. Trying are for whiners which I am not.

I will write again tomorrow..
posted by Encik Jay, 1:18 AM


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