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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I just went crazy authoring my geocities page. I spent several hours playing around with it. I don't do design, I like to pick and customize website template and make it my own. It is easier that way. The fact is, why develop something from scratch when you are able to use a shortcut, right?

Firstly, 'Open Web Design' is a remarkable place to get a free website template. There are dozen more template websites but I think this one is the best. Just pick whatever template you like, preview it and then download it. Most of the templates use CSS and the design is quite impressive.

So, I download one already. I then used Dreamweaver, one of the most powerful website authoring tools (it is expensive though but I'm using the trial version just to have a feel of it). Dreamweaver has an extraordinary features but I don't think I am utilizing it properly, I need to learn more tips and tricks of it.

Well, enough of code scanning and crunching. Here what my website looks like when it has been edited the last couple of hours:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'll be keeping track of all my future works. Do come back soon.
posted by Encik Jay, 3:37 PM


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