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Why Do You Need Tutorial?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I prefer to do more tutorial instead of having to go to classes or starting to read another books for dummies. I'm not saying that reading is not important, it is equally important to start your 'action' and getting that 'learning mode' out of the way. Well, if you insist, here's another HTML tutorial:

Image hosting by Photobucket

What I love about the page is, it has a clean & neat layouts and I like clean pages instead of the cluttered one. I think I am blind over ads displayed on webpages, however I do click on some of the ads if they are attractive enough.

I'll recap a couple of things which I maybe blogging in my next post:
  1. I learned how to make, edit and finished a 10 minutes video clip
  2. I learned how to turn the video into a Flash Video and publish it online (Still under beta pages)
  3. I got an online sale for a salesletter page I've created 3 weeks ago
  4. I was forced to learn about Javascript, ActiveX and HTML form because of a project I was forced to coordinate.
I tonnes of stuff to look up to, however I will remember to keep this blog updated on the latest development.

posted by Encik Jay, 12:34 AM


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