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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last weekend, I was busy doing something else instead of my website design studies. My CSS studies were also affected but I gather new knowledge on making videos. So, I spent almost 2 days doing a part time job converting the old fashion video tape into VCD. At first, I used a compact TV recorder which records into a .asf format. The quality of the video was terrible and it took long hours for the process.

Frustrated by the quality, I used my DVD recorder instead. It works wonderfully, however when I rip off the DVD format into VCD. Again, the quality suffers. So, as a conclusion if you have the budget, go and buy a DVD recorder/player. You'll have no regret getting one. The DVD/R+RW are also getting cheap these days. I'll show you what I have done later.

If you are lazy to read (I sometimes got lazy too), you can learn how to make a website using your favourite designing software by video. My all time favourite tool would definitely be Macromedia Dreamweaver 2004MX. I'm getting my hands on Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 very soon. Watch all the videos on how to fully utilize them. You'll be glad when you watch the videos because when you know all the tips and tricks, it will definitely amazes you.

I may sound like pitching a sale here but the importance of getting educated far outweigh uneducated situation. So get educated right now!!
posted by Encik Jay, 12:52 AM


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