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What Is Your Level of CSS Knowledge?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I've been "off course" the purpose of this blog. This blog is supposed to be lesson and record ed thoughts and tips on learning CSS. It seems to me that a lot of my posts has been on testing and trying out new and available web toolsets. It is not a surprise for me because I love trying out new tools. Knowledge is a set of tools too.

If you are new to this blog, then I welcome you. I wish to emphasize that I'm not a designer, I can become one but that is not really who I am. I am practically a 'repairman'. I see things that other people I know don't understand. I understand how to fix certain problem but I'm not really a perfect person. What I normally do is, I copycat the design I like, seek out the source file, go through all the codes and try to understand what they really are and finally I tweak and personalize to my preferences. I then repeat what I've done on another design I like but this time I can do it faster. I also read a lot so I'm not spending enough time experimenting what I've read (I'm working to improve this at the moment).

Recently I read Emil Stenström blog and he writes amazing amount of 'codish' writing that I love reading:

Level Of CSS Knowledge
My level of CSS is probably at Level 5 but I'm not really sure I'm qualified to confirm this :)

Real Hacker DOn't Use CSS
I just love hackers, they are genius people who can understand how to crack open something just by using their mind and tools. They practically can have what they want in their life because they know how to engineer what they're working on. I envy them so much..

I should probably study more about CSS starting from now on. Have a nice day.
posted by Encik Jay, 9:05 AM


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