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Creating Websites Using Wordpress

Friday, June 09, 2006

My recent project KL Bizz Tech Village had to be scrapped because the domain was sold. Anyway, the domain name is not mine so I didn't take it personally. I've been playing around with a couple of Content Management System (CMS) that is using PHP-MySQL platform. At the first attempt, I failed to understand how it works but sooner, it became comprehensible after spending some time learning the basics and trying out editing them myself.

The most easiest to manipulate around is Wordpress. Wordpress also provides free blogs same as what Blogger does. However, when I tried to change the design layout and add in some other hand coded stuff, there aren't any template editor like Blogger so basically the free wordpress blog is only for people who likes to blog without the webmastering skills of hand coding.

What I like is the self-host Wordpress where you download the entire package and host it yourself on your paid webhosting. If you don't have the money, you can do what I've been doing. Register for a free PHP hosting and host the wordpress blog there. I've been doing that using my WebTrafficVille blog. Of course there are downside of free hosting where they put a banner on top of your page but hey, the host needs some money to operate don't they? If you need a free PHP Hosting, I'm using an indian free webhost PHP0h.

If you use Dreamweaver as your HTML editor, you can read about "How to edit Wordpress theme using Dreamweaver". It describes what files need to be edited for your Wordpress theme. The best part about your own self host wordpress is, it utilizes CSS quite nicely. For affiliate marketer such as myself, I read about the advantages of Wordpress over Blogger and I find it's true there are elements that Blogger doesn't have that I want.

Nowadays I see there are people who are selling packages of predesigned wordpress and makes them as a functional website. I would love to build one of those, the only drawback I see is whenever the database hosting is down, the website is not accessible. The advantage however is the website loads much quicker since the files to download are smaller.

Here's some other interesting stuff that I've read:
Okay..now it's back to work again. I need to sharpen my code reading and writing skills, I'll blog again soon enough.

Blogger was down for I don't know how long before I could post this. Blogger is getting unreliable these days. Reason to take control of your own blog. ;-)
posted by Encik Jay, 7:20 AM


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