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Free Wordpress vs Self Host Wordpress

Thursday, May 18, 2006

One of the blogging software that I've been testing was the famous Wordpress. I like wordpress because of it neat design and very simple to use and customize. Recently, I decided to register for a free account at Wordpress.com, it was a very straightforward process and my blog was created after I confirmed my e-mail.

The reason I registered a new blog was to test out on a niche that I've discovered and to monetize it using Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. Unfortunately, the free wordpress doesn't allow the users to play around with the design nevertheless looking at the source code. You can only select an array of template and edit your blog catogeries and that's it. If you just like blogging without making any stream of income, the free wordpress is not for you. I've read the forum to see why they don't allow such things, one of the reason is to not break the wordpress source code. I can see that wordpress is quite different than blogger in term of customization.

Nevertheless, you can always host your wordpress blog at your own web hosting and you should be able to customize it freely. If you don't have any webhosting, you can try and search for free php hosting somewhere. I'm sure you can try and Google it. I'll give you one the free php hosting, 110mb.

I like Wordpress blogging software and I'm going to explore all the possibilities of using it to build niche website and make money out of it. Here's a great article you should read if you want to monetize your blog:

Should Bloggers Forget Adsense (by Darren Rowse)
posted by Encik Jay, 7:16 AM


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