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Wordpress Flaw

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Beside being on Blogger, I also use Wordpress as well as one of my blog network that I own now. Last week, I've built one blog using Wordpress for one of my e-commerce website, the site is completely brand new and I haven't promoted it anywhere yet. So, what happen was, I search on Technorati my nickname just to get a glimpse on where my exposure level is. To my surprise, the wordpress blog for the e-commerce website I've created has been listed on Technorati. I wonder why that happen and most definitely I would like to know the answer.

After reading this page, now I know the answer. There's this feature in a blog called 'ping'. Before this, I normally use 'ping' on an MS-DOS environment to check my website or other website which I couldn't access but that maybe too technical to explain. However, here's a screenshot of how the wordpress blogs or other type of blogs get listed in web listing we never realized existed:

Wordpress Ping Box

Now you know why and how blog can make your new website get listed on the search engine if it is done properly. I am not really an expert in internet marketing, however there are huge selection of products about this technique if you visit here. Just type the word 'blog' and there are a few products related to this technique.

I'm off again to build more blogs and website. I don't have any money to buy physical real estate yet, so blogs and websites is a virtual real estate if you ask me. I like watching 'Bob The Builder', so I think I should become a builder myself too..adios..
posted by Encik Jay, 7:22 AM


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