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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Recently, I've been introduced to a software that could generate pages as many keywords that we enter. Basically, the software would generate each keyword that has been entered a page with contents taken from RSS feeds and some other sources I'm not so sure. I've been testing out the software and it tends to CRASH especially when the software could find affiliate program regarding the keywords. It SUCKS!! ..If you insist on giving it a try, click on the image below:

20 Pro Web Design Tips

A few months ago, I stumble upon an alternative to Traffic Equalizer. It's a PHP based software and it is installed on your own web hosting. Webmasters know that content is the most vital part in a webpage that they've created. Without content, it would just be a painting without any descriptions. What the software do is, it will generate website that has contents on it scrape from somewhere. Basically, the software is almost similar to the above image shown above but with a few twists. Still, it is software generated and people would know that the pages has no human touch. However, what should we expect right? We are not capable of producing hundreds or thousand hand coded webpages, that is where software take place to automate the process.

Personally, I think using content generating softwares is not a good idea because sooner or later, the search engine where the software targets the web traffic will come, eventually going to drop or probably omit the indexed website. The search engine will become smarter and smarter so producing such websites will just pisses the search engine spiders away one day. So, what do we do about it? I think you should read the below article (image is clickable):

20 Pro Web Design Tips

Have a productive day ahead.
posted by Encik Jay, 11:26 PM


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