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Manipulating Blogger's Template

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blogger.com is recently undergoing it's Beta program. It is an update Google should have done years ago. I've tried the beta program but to manipulate the template requires a lot of tweaking and testing. You can read about Blogger Beta template's if you are a bit technical savvy kind of person. Anyway, Blogger is a great blogging system and a powerful tool to use. No wonder Rob Benwell could make a lot of profit just by using free blogging tools.

If you are interested to get Rob Benwell latest of Rob Benwell's Baby Blogging Bonanza there was another way you can get it around the salesletter straight to the thank you pages without paying. I tried it and it works, it bypasses the payment processor and went straight to the thank you/download page. All this just by using the search engine. I think Rob has fixed his website now. Personally, I think there is nothing special in his material. The only thing that is valuable is his strategy and if you've been blogging long enough, you'll know it better.

So, back to manipulating Blogger's template. Firstly, you should have been fiddling around with blogger's template and see how the code is structured. Then, if you require a more indepth knowledge, you can visit FreshBlog: Blogger Hacks, Catogeries, Tips & Trick. The site has an incredible amount of interesting stuff covering blogger hacks and loads of other stuff. Take a look at how this site (Music Thing) is created entirely utilizing the Blogger hosting. The site doesn't look like a blog at all and has a high PR rank of 6. The best part is, Blogger is free and they don't have to take care of any technical, bandwitdh issues and hardware stuff. Genius.

With that in mind, for a start. I think anyone can be successful in building websites using the already free available blogging system without costing you anything except an internet connection. The only problem is whether you can handle the technical and coding part and your willingness to step up to the plate. As for me, I need to work hard and focus on what I've been doing as it is very easy for me to get distracted with so many stuff dumped in my emails.
posted by Encik Jay, 1:28 AM


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